About the Project

I started this project to get a better feel for how mobile apps are built. I was curious about the steps involved in developing an app that could potentially be used by hundreds of people. But the real kicker? I needed this app for my friends and me. We often go out to spot Tesla cars, and this app seemed like the perfect companion for our adventures.
Initially, the idea was to create something simple, just a tool for our little betting games. But as I dug deeper into the development process, I realized this app could be much more. It became a learning journey for me – understanding how to roll out updates, fix bugs, and receive feedback from actual users. It's been an eye-opener about the whole app development flow, and I've learned a lot more than I expected.

| Current functionality & what's next...

Started as something between friends...

..but looks like a real app


Tesla Bets: Car-Spotting with Innovative Bets

Embark on a thrilling journey of technology and fun with "Tesla Bets", an app that redefines the car-spotting experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this app showcases a blend of cutting-edge skills including React Native for seamless cross-platform functionality, advanced state management, and intuitive user interface design. The core feature allows users to engage in friendly betting games, tracking spotted Tesla cars in real-time. With its ability to store data locally on devices, the app ensures fast and reliable access to user data.

| The app isn't yet available on Google Play, but...

Send an email to cajvan01@gmail.com for an
Android build!